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Root Genius apk is one of the most popular android rooting software designed for over 10,000 Android smartphones and tablets. Without an installation RootGenius apk download,You can root your android device with a single click. It is just about connecting your device to PC and click “Root” to start rooting by Root genius. So rooting your android smart phone or tablet is just a few seconds away with user friendly operation of rootgenius apk.

android rootgenius apk download for android
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Download RootGenius 1.8.7 is compatible with KitKat 4.4.2 Android version only. After rooted with android Root genius APK, You can flash to custom ROMs and personalizes the phone or tablet, uninstall unnecessary built in apps and saves memory, boost up the performances with auto run feature or backup data through titanium backup. Download RootGenius apk from our site and follow the guidelines on how to root your android device correctly. Also you can find more details on Root Genius .

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Follow our video tutorial on how to root android device with rootgenius apk download and get the latest Root genius apk download for your android device.

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